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Meet our heroes; our muses.

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With a passion for large game fish and a preference for fly fishing, we at Esox Talking, offer you professional support in becoming adept at fishing and catching your dream fish.

The pike (Esox Lucius) always had a special meaning  in Russian culture. In pre-christian religions the pike was a symbol for death en the guardian of the underworld. Later on the mythical attributes changed. Like in the folk lore of 'Yemelya the blockhead' (by order of the pike), where a big pike spoke to her happy captor and convinced him to put her back, in exchange for unlimited wish fulfillment of course...

Times have changed. Still, we, at Esox Talking, believe that a pike can speak, even if only to our imagination. It inspire to go further, to explore and evolve; to push the boundaries.

We found our passion in fishing. From ever since we remember we were on the banks. Fly fishing particularly found a way to our heart! We are happy and grateful we can now continue our passion in our professional life. We like to share our passion with the world through our fishing guide service and the premium products available through this website. We also love helping beginners get the hang of the several techniques used in fly fishing!

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